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Create targeted social media and email marketing strategies to build relationships with your ideal clients and grow your business.


About Stacey's Virtual Assistant Services

I'm Stacey, a Social Media and Email Marketing Strategist.

My main focus is helping entrepreneurs build relationships with their ideal clients while also growing their business with targeted Social Media and Email Marketing Strategies.

I started my business because I saw so many small business owners struggling with managing their social media. They didn't know what to post or how often they should post...they just shared whatever inspired them that day with no strategy to get leads and increase sales.

I also noticed how many entrepreneurs were solely relying on social media to get leads and grow their business instead of converting their followers to their email list where they can start building relationships and communicating on THEIR terms, not based on satisfying the social media algorithm.

I recognized these needs and knew I could help, so I created Stacey's Virtual Assistant Services in January 2018 and had my first three clients by the end of February! I became fully booked by January 2019 and am now planning to start 2020 by focusing on coaching and teaching the Social Media and Email Marketing Strategies I've perfected over the last two years.

My current clientele is full of fun and energetic business coaches, restaurants owners, authors/speakers, ministry leaders, non-profits, and local brick and mortar business owners.

I also host monthly Eat, Learn, & Grow Lunch & Learn Sessions in my local community where I share FREE tips and tricks related to social media and email marketing to help our local business owners create strategies to grow their businesses.

As I mentioned earlier, in 2020 I plan to start focusing on coaching and teaching by offering courses on Instagram, Facebook and Email Marketing for the businesses in our local community to help them utilize each of these free marketing tools to grow their businesses.

I hope you'll consider Stacey's Virtual Assistant Services when you're looking for a new perspective on your Social Media and Email Marketing Strategies!


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