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Helping you Simplify & Streamline your business processes so you have more time to build relationships with your ideal clients and grow your business.


About Stacey

I'm Stacey, your HoneyBook Pro & Queen Bee!

My main focus is helping entrepreneurs build relationships with their ideal clients while also growing their business with effective business process automation systems in place.

I saw so many small business owners struggling to create a consistent and easily repeatable onboarding process. At the beginning, I too was using 7+ apps and platforms to onboard my clients!

There has been a huge shift to building businesses online and most business owners don't know that there are platforms like HoneyBook to help them automate that onboarding process...AND MORE!

I created Stacey's Virtual Assistant Services in January 2018 as a Social Media Manager. I successfully onboarded my first three clients by the end of February! I became fully booked by January 2019 and was looking for a way to automate my onboarding process.

I tried out ALL of the trials on ALL of the platforms. HoneyBook was the last one I came across and was ready to wave my white flag if it didn't work! (CLICK HERE to see the 10 Reasons I Chose HoneyBook!)

Thankfully, HoneyBook had EVERYTHING I was looking for, and within a weekend my onboarding processes were ALL AUTOMATED! 🙌


Since then, I've helped dozens of other online business owners automate their onboarding and other business processes with HoneyBook. From book publishers, photographers, copywriters, and other service-based business owners, we worked together to build a solid workflow that worked perfectly to Simplify & Streamline their client journey!


I'm now in the process of rebranding to Sweetly Simplified Systems and am so excited to share the final product with you very soon!

I'd love to add you to my list of clients and help you level up and get your time back by automating your business systems with HoneyBook!

There is a HoneyBook Service that fits just about every business and budget. My goal is always to meet you where you are and go from there!

Just click the link below to get started!