5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help Manage Your Social Media

Social Media has become a HUGE marketing tool for small businesses! From small bakeries, mompreneurs selling their homemade items and direct sales consultants, social media has become the primary marketing platform. But, there are tricks to making sure you are getting the most views and engagement. That is when a good Virtual Assistant can step in and help make sure your social media pages get the attention they deserve! Here are five main ways a Virtual Assistant can help manage your social media.

1. Creating a Social Media Plan

A Virtual Assistant will help you create a social media plan by deciding which platforms to use (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc). You will also discuss your vision, target audience, tone of voice, and types of content.

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2. Content and Image Research and Creation

A Virtual Assistant who is familiar with social media Management will likely have various content options. Some of the options may be:

  • Specific topics each day: Motivational Monday, Tip Tuesday, Wisdom Wednesday, etc.

  • Focus on a specific product or service each week.

  • Tip's and informational posts relating to the target audience - Sharing blog posts relating to your business and tip's in the form of images to share, etc.

When you have decided on the content focus (and you may decide to do a different option each week), your Virtual Assistant will then do the research and content creation for your posts. They may also create images to go along with the content.

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3. Create a Social Media Calendar

Once you have a social media plan and content focus option(s), your Virtual Assistant will create a social media calendar. The social media calendar will include all of the posts, images, and links for the week or month, depending on what you agreed upon. Sometimes, in the beginning, you both decide to do a weekly social media calendar. This gives you both time to get used to each other, and allows the Virtual Assistant to get a better feel for your tone of voice and content focus. Once your relationship and business focus are established, you both may decide to do a full month of posts at a time. It's completely up to you and you VA and what you're both comfortable with!

4. Schedule and Publish Posts

Scheduling and publishing posts are one of the first ways you can incorporate using a Virtual Assistant, especially if you are leary of handing over your social media to someone. But, if you're just starting out or wanting to completely offload your social media management, this is a huge help! It seems quick and easy enough, but it's a small enough task that often ends up being forgotten or put on the back burner..."Oh man! It's Monday morning and I forgot to schedule my posts for this week!" or, "I'll schedule those posts tomorrow." When you have a VA to schedule the posts, you can give them the go-ahead and you're done! Your Virtual Assistant can also help determine the best time to schedule your posts. See the image below for some suggested times for each social media platform.

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5. Replying to Comments and Answering Questions

Planning, creating content and images, making a content calendar, and scheduling the posts is just the beginning. Keeping up with the comments and questions is where the social media marketing pays off. The more you are able to interact with your customers/clients, the more likely they are to do business with you and become a repeat customer/client. And, the quicker the response time, the better. So, having a Virtual Assistant to reply to comments and answer questions is a MUST HAVE! Of course, you need to have a VA who knows your business and can answer questions in the same virtual tone you would, so this may take a bit of time, but it definitely pays off in the long run.

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Creating a social media plan of action, finding the perfect content and image options for your brand, making a content calendar, scheduling posts and replying to comments/answering questions are all necessary for a successful social media campaign. It is a lot of work and takes quite a bit of time, but with the right Virtual Assistant, your hard work will pay off!

Are you needing help managing your social media? Have you been trying and trying to post consistently, but your schedule just doesn't allow the time? Consider hiring a Virtual Assistant to help. A VA is more affordable than hiring a part-time employee and having the peace of mind that it is taken care of is worth every penny!

If you are interested in learning more, visit my website to schedule a FREE Consultation and a FREE 1-Week Social Media Schedule Outline! You can also email me at stacey@staceysvaservices.com to schedule a time for your FREE consultation!

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