If you landed on this page, you’re probably already thinking HoneyBook is a fantastic tool for automating your client onboarding processes and for streamlining all the administrative tasks in your business... (and I would have to agree with you! I’m a little HoneyBook-obsessed!)

Hi! I'm Stacey, your HoneyBook Pro here to share why saving 50% OFF YOUR FIRST YEAR with HoneyBook is a no-brainer!


Just in case you need some more convincing, here are a few reasons why HoneyBook stands alone in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) world: 

  • Start-to-finish project tracking 

  • You’ll be able to quickly view which stage each of your projects are in - from initial inquiry to job completion. No more dropping the ball on timely follow-ups or past-due invoices!

  • Branded templates to elevate your professional presence and simplify client communication 

  • You’ll have a professional and brand-aligned template for every task - from emails to invoices. 

  • Full-service mobile app allows you to view and manage all system components from your mobile device 

  • Your HoneyBook system is accessible wherever you are and whenever you need it!

  • All of your client-related tools are in one place - Including Time Tracking!

  • Invoices, payment history, contracts, contact information, packages, scheduling, etc., are all accessible in a one-stop-shop. No more time wasted searching for resources!

  • Integrations to make your life extra streamlined

  • HoneyBook integrates seamlessly with the tools you already use like QuickBooks, Zoom, Gmail, Zapier, and more!

Still have some questions about HoneyBook?

No problem - I’ve got answers! 


Are you wondering which systems HoneyBook streamlines for you?

✔️ Invoices

  • Secure and easy digital payments

  • Payment schedules and reminders

  • Auto-saved item bank for fast invoice creation

  • Time tracker that adds billable hours to your invoices


✔️ Proposals

  • Invoice, contract, payment all-in-one

  • 1-2-3 client booking process

  • Professional branding


✔️ Scheduling

  • Integrated with your calendar and Zoom if needed

  • Confirmations and reminders


✔️ Contracts

  • Collect online signatures

  • Smart bar highlights where to sign

  • Instant notifications when your client signs


✔️ Workflow Automation

  • Custom step-by-step workflows

  • Automate all tasks (emails, etc) associated with each stage in your workflow

Why am I such a huge fan of HoneyBook?

For almost three full years I did EVERYTHING manually for my online business. And I mean EVERYTHING! Using 7 different apps/programs, I scheduled all meetings, developed proposals, wrote contracts, created invoices, managed payments, wrote all the emails individually, and on and on and on…


And even though I’m an ultra-organized person, I often felt totally overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the moving parts. 


The truth is, it was burning me out to re-invent the wheel every single time I started working with a new client.  And I knew the day was coming very soon when I’d drop the ball and forget to follow-up, or miss the fact that an invoice hadn’t been paid, or double book consultations, or something worse! 


So, I scoured the internet to learn about all the options for streamlining these kinds of tasks in my business, and ~ 


That’s when I fell hook, line, and sinker for HoneyBook


HoneyBook is truly like having a 24-hour personal administrative assistant by my side ~ keeping my business totally organized for me. 


⇒ I know that when new clients inquire about my services, HoneyBook takes care of making an appointment on both of our calendars, a Zoom meeting is created, and meeting reminders go out to both parties automatically by email.


⇒ When new clients request a proposal, everything is ready to go in HoneyBook so all I have to do is type in the job-specific information, and everything else populates accordingly in my branded template. 


⇒ My invoices go out when they need to, and when a payment due date has been missed, a friendly reminder is sent out automatically. 


⇒ When jobs are completed, an end-of-project questionnaire is sent, requesting feedback so I can continually improve. (This information is so valuable, but how often do we skip this step in our rush to move on to the next job??)


Long story short, I became SO impressed with how much HoneyBook positively impacted my business systems, I wanted to share the magic with other entrepreneurs! 


So, I became a certified HoneyBook Pro and started offering HoneyBook support and setup services as a key part of my business. And here we are! 


If you have any questions about HoneyBook, and/or how it can help you simplify and streamline your business tasks, contact me to set up a free discovery chat!